1.3 Hello, Baby A

02-16-15_4-31 PM

*twitch* I LOVE being pregnant. *twitch* No, really. It’s GREAT. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be hormonal and fat as a whale. Right? RIGHT? *twitch*

02-16-15_4-32 PM

“Yup. This is just great.”

That looks like a really uncomfortable outfit to wear while pregnant. Wouldn’t you want to wear actual maternity clothes? Well, I can’t be bothered to change you, so you’re stuck like that for now.

“Yup. Perfect. Love this. Can’t get any better.”

02-16-15_4-37 PM

Clarence was too busy fishing to notice his wife was in distress back at the house. This might be the best place for you buddy. Zee seems a bit crazy at the moment.

But eventually lack of any public toilet brought him back home.

02-16-15_4-35 PM

Aww, too cute.

“Zee, I love you so much, even when you’re all blown up like a balloon like this.”

How romantic.

I forgot to capture it, but Clarence was actually pretty excited about the new baby! I can wait to see it!

“Yeah, me either.”

Shush, you.

02-16-15_4-41 PM

“Watcher, all of these mommy forums are so pointless. Ooh, I’m so excited to be bringing a new life into this world. All of the pain will be worth it. No one talks like that! This is terrible!”

Glad to see you accepting your new position as a mom.

02-16-15_4-57 PM 02-16-15_4-58 PM

02-16-15_6-08 PM

Clarence has been a really good housedad, he cooks breakfast for the two of them every morning and keeps the house mostly clean and tidy.

02-16-15_4-59 PM

“Hey Zee, I brought you some pancakes. They’re your favorite, right?”

Zaneeta pursed her lips together as her face got red.

02-16-15_4-58 PM-2

“Do you really think feeding me pancakes while I’m on the TOILET is a great idea Clarence?! DO YOU?!”

“Alright, Imma put them right here for when you’re done.”

Yeah. This happens frequently. They’re ALWAYS walking in on each other while using the bathroom. Like…why. Stop it. It’s annoying and you’re supposed to be smart. I’m not supposed to feel like I’m playing an ISBI.

“Oh, Watcher, I’m definitely surrounded by idiots.”

02-16-15_4-59 PM-2

Where are you going with those? You have a perfectly nice couch to sit on inside. Or eat at your computer. That’s what true geeks do.

“Nope, I’m leaving my deranged husband in the house so I can get a moment of peace.”

02-16-15_5-00 PM

“No Zee wait for me! I’m coming for you baby!”

02-16-15_5-00 PM-2

“Why do you hate me?”

Aw Zaneeta, it’ll be fine. You’ll bring a bundle of joy into this world and you’ll love your nooboo. And Clarence just cares about your well-being. Try to accept it, honey.

*lower lip wibble*

02-16-15_5-03 PM

Zaneeta has also been making a little extra money by creating apps and entering game tournaments. It was a way for her to keep busy when she wasn’t at work (her boss was getting on her case for coming in while so pregnant).

02-16-15_5-03 PM-2


02-16-15_5-04 PM-2“It’s the blue screen of death. My life is over.”

Oh, Zee I’m so sorr-

02-16-15_5-04 PM-3

“Well, I guess that’s what tablets are for.”

Yup. Figures.

02-16-15_5-21 PM

While Zaneeta kept busy with her gaming, Clarence decided he needed a new place to fish, so he headed over to a different part of Willow Creek.

02-16-15_5-22 PM 02-16-15_5-24 PM

“Hey this tree looks pretty cool…”

With a little help, he unlocked a secret passage in the tree, leading him to a remote location of Willow Creek (ooooh, super cool!)

02-16-15_5-27 PM

The glen is beautiful, Clarence had to take a few minutes to take it all in. There was so much to look at and admire. However, his mission was to come and fish in the pond.

02-16-15_5-28 PM 02-16-15_5-29 PM

Aw, good job buddy.

He enjoyed the peacefulness from being away from other sims. Whenever Clarence had gone out fishing, it seemed that everyone wanted to talk to him and distract him from his aspiration. Now, he has a secret hideaway that he can go to when he wants to focus.

02-16-15_5-33 PM-2

When Clarence came home, he ran into an old aquaintence. I think her name is Emily? But I can’t really remember. They were friends before Clarence moved into the Ashton household.

“Aye yo Emily, you should come inside and meet my wife. We’re about to start dinner.”

02-16-15_5-35 PM-2

“OH, no that’s alright. Take all the available seating in our house. Let the pregnant woman stand. It’s totally fine!”

02-16-15_6-11 PM

But only a few hours after Emily left, Zaneeta felt a sudden sharp pain in her stomach.


Yup, your baby is on its way!

“Oh WATCHER, kill me now.”

02-16-15_6-12 PM 02-16-15_6-13 PMIt’s a boy! His name is August and he is a cutie!

02-16-15_6-18 PM

Clarence is already proving himself to be a great dad. He’s constantly rocking his son, feeding him, and talking with him. Adorable bonding!

02-16-15_6-19 PM

And it’s a really good thing that Clarence is such an attentive father because this is the position Zaneeta finds herself in most nights. What’s frustrating about this though, was that she literally walked from her bathroom RIGHT PAST HER BED to pass out in the living room. Logic.

“Shut up, I’m tired.”

02-16-15_6-36 PM

The birth of August didn’t slow Clarence or Zaneeta where other matters were concerned, however. And…well, as these things go…Zee, I’ve got some news for you.

02-16-15_6-37 PM 02-16-15_6-37 PM-2


02-16-15_6-44 PM

Telling Clarence the great news went well. He’s excited about being a dad again.

“Are you sure this is good news?”

“Of course, Zee. This is the best news I could possibly hear. I love being a dad and I love you.”

02-16-15_6-45 PM“Well, aren’t you charming.”

02-28-15_11-05 PM 02-28-15_11-16 PM-2

And because Sims 4 babyhood goes by so quickly, August had aged up before we knew it! I used a Sims 4 trait randomizer and he rolled Rambunctious Scamp as his aspiration and Neat as his trait. I’m a little upset that kids can’t have different colored hair, so his will be dyed purple when he ages up in to a teenager. But he IS pretty cute.

03-01-15_12-03 AM-2 03-01-15_12-03 AM

Some renovations were made to the Ashton household to accommodate August’s birthday. I think it looks pretty good, although now they have only 50 simoleans to their name.

And that’s it for now! Ta~




1.2 Outdoorsy Adventures

12-27-14_11-23 PM

So here’s an introduction to Clarence Curry. He’s a pretty outdoorsy fellow. His traits are self assured, bro, and art lover and his aspiration is Angling Ace. He spends a lot of his time down by the river fishing.

Right now he’s not very good. He came with pretty much every skill already at levels 2 or 3 EXCEPT for fishing, where he had none. Way to go, bud.

02-03-15_9-27 PM

Basically, he spends all of his free time at the river or pond catching fish. Not his fault though since I couldn’t decide what to give to him as a job. So, he’s now turned into Willow Creek’s local fisherman. Selling spoiled tuna for a profit.

02-03-15_9-33 PM

He occasionally has the passing whim to mount some of his prized catches, so now there’s some additional decorations on the Ashton’s walls. I dunno, I think they look kind of creepy to be honest.

But now with Clarence’s complete lack of skill matched with my recent purchase of Outdoor Retreat gave me the perfect opportunity to send Zaneeta and Clarence on a weekend honeymoon.

02-03-15_9-43 PM

Clarence is pretty happy when they first arrive at Granite Falls, but Zaneeta already misses home.

“How am I supposed to go two whole DAYS without any technology?! No phone, no computer, no VIDEO GAMES. I want to die.”

Stop being so melodramatic.

02-03-15_9-44 PM

“I’m so happy we’re here together, Clarence.”

Way to sound convincing Zee.

02-03-15_9-47 PM

“Hmm, there’s hiking up by the trails over here…and there’s a bathroom with a shower that way. Maybe if I go to that large peak I’ll get cell service…”

And while Zaneeta was checking out the Granite Falls map, Clarence was in the middle of digging through the garbage.

02-03-15_9-50 PM-2

“What the hell man? That’s disgusting! What, were you raised in a BARN?”

02-03-15_9-50 PM

“Hey, if a man wants to rummage through the bin that is his own damn business lady.”

I wonder if he found anything interesting…

No. Just trash.

02-03-15_9-51 PM

Then Zaneeta invited Clarence to go cloud watching. It’s a cute interaction, I love their expressions! But laying on the ground must be totally uncomfortable. You okay there Zee?


Good enough.

02-03-15_9-55 PM

They rented out the campgrounds because they have pretty much no money, but they took a hike into the woods and found this site. It’s cute and cozy.

02-03-15_9-57 PM

And even though Zaneeta is terrible at horseshoes, at least she had something interesting to do while Clarence was away fishing.

“What, this is fun…great fun! Like a first person shooter video game…but outdoors. And instead of guns I have horseshoes.”

02-03-15_9-59 PM

There’s this really awesome spot for fishing not too far from where Zee is. And this is the location where Clarence spent pretty much his entire honeymoon at. There are a lot of really good fishes swimming around.

I miss TS3’s swim feature though. I kind of wanted to send them both swimming in this lake, but that’s not possible in TS4 😦

02-03-15_10-02 PM

After Zaneeta got bored of horseshoes, I sent her out to go collect the harvestables.

“Wow, this is…some kind of berry. Can I eat this? I’m kind of hungry…”

Um…maybe you should wait until it’s no longer listed as “unidentifiable fruit” in your inventory.

02-03-15_10-02 PM-2

Her inner geek was happy when she went to collect the insects. There are so many in Granite Falls!

“Wow, this is great. Maybe I can keep some of them as pets. I wonder how Clarence would feel about that. Well, he has those creepy fish up on the walls so-”

02-03-15_10-02 PM-3

… *cough cough* “Or maybe not.”

02-03-15_10-04 PM

It was getting dark so Zaneeta made a fire at the site, adding log after log.

“This is kinda fun. Look at the flames!”

02-03-15_10-04 PM-2

Clarence cooked the fish he caught earlier in the afternoon and Zaneeta roasted marshmallows.

“You sure you don’t want some fish babe? It’s salmon, you know. Or maybe it’s tuna. A trout perhaps? I don’t know, I just catch them.”

“I think I’ll stick to my diet of sugar blobs, thanks.”

02-03-15_10-05 PM

Looks like your “sugar blob” is on fire.

Zaneeta blew on the fire but her marshmallow was sacrificed. Now it was more like a charred blob.

*sigh* “Roast me up some salmon-tuna-trout.”

02-03-15_10-07 PM

Because tents cost a lot of simoleans, Zee and Clarence bought a blow up mattress instead. It was kind of romantic, sleeping under the stars.

02-03-15_10-07 PM-2

The outdoorsy woohoo was also pretty romantic 😉

“Shut up.”

I call it like I see it.

Out of curiosity, can you woohoo in the tents? I miss all the fun woohoo locations from before and I’m hoping that we get more soon (like shower woohoo which was the best woohoo location in my personal opinion)

02-03-15_10-08 PM

Zaneeta woke up in the middle of the night wanting to do some roaming around. In the dark. Alone.

“It’s fine. Not like there are any bears around here, right?”

Uh. Sure.

02-03-15_10-09 PM

The fireflies were fun to catch though. There were so many of them too.

“More bugs for the collection!”

02-03-15_10-15 PM

The next morning Clarence had some yogurt for breakfast and wondered where Zee was (passed out in the middle of the woods btw) but not really caring that much. He was getting ready for another full day of fishing fun!

02-03-15_10-26 PM

When Zaneeta woke up it was time to try out the herbalism skill.

“This is just like high school chemistry!”

I’m glad you found something that you enjoy here.

02-03-15_10-27 PM 02-03-15_10-27 PM-2

And then she caught the grill on fire. Awesome. Well…it’s the Sims. It was bound to happen. Kind of sucks though.

“Hey, at least I put it out!”

Hm. But now you’re hungry and can’t make anything.

02-03-15_10-20 PM

“I’ll just eat these unidentified berries. I’m sure they’re fine.”

They were. But you still shouldn’t eat strange foods. Also, it didn’t help your hunger out at all.

02-03-15_10-28 PM

The firepit became Zaneeta’s makeshift grill. It was good enough and got the job done. There weren’t as many options but…Zee isn’t exactly picky.

02-03-15_10-32 PM

Now, I wasn’t about to make Zaneeta and Clarence actually PAY to fix their charred grill, so we moved to a new location where Clarence made lunch. Grilled fruit skewers, which actually look really good.

02-03-15_10-34 PM

“How’s your day so far?”

“Totally rad. I caught this crazy goldfish…weighed like an ounce! It was a fighter, that one.”

“I destroyed government property.”

“Cool, cool. Fight the man.”

02-03-15_10-54 PM

Zaneeta’s energy got pretty low, so she took a quick nap on a log. It looks unbearably small and uncomfortable. Poor thing. She misses her house and her air conditioning and her soft bed.

02-03-15_10-53 PM

That is the face of pure misery, folks.

“I want to go home.”

Well, luckily for you your vacation is just about over.

02-03-15_10-40 PM

Zaneeta got dressed and ready to go home when she met up with her husband.

“Did you really have a good time here?” Secretly she hoped not.

02-03-15_10-40 PM-2

“It was the best. Trip. Ever.”


02-03-15_11-06 PM

“Hey, turn around.”

“What, what are you doing.”

“I know you didn’t have a good time on this trip Zee, but thanks for being a trooper.” Clarence said as he massaged his wife’s shoulders. “Wow, you feel really tense. Sorry again.”

Zaneeta shrugged. “If it makes you happy, it makes me happy.”


02-03-15_11-07 PM

Clarence gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks again babe. You rock.”

And then they caught the next bus to Willow Creek.

02-03-15_11-09 PM

“I’m never going camping again.”

1.1 Welcome to the Ashton Alphabetacy

Welcome to my first-ever Sims 4 legacy (that also happens to be an alphabetacy!!!) I’m really excited to be making this legacy, and mostly I’m making it because I’m behind on my Sims 3 legacy BECAUSE of my Sims 4 obsession. Plus, I think that if I start this alphabetacy now, I will actually finish before the Sims 5 makes its appearance.

So, without further ado…

12-27-14_9-30 PM

Meet the founder of our legacy: Zaneeta Ashton. She is a geeky, clumsy goofball with the computer whiz aspiration.


12-27-14_9-56 PM

I didn’t want to have her live off the land, so here are her humble lodgings. It’s literally two boxes put together because I can’t build if my life depended on it. But, since she’s getting more than a typical legacy founder…there’s no time for complaints.

So, welcome to your home Zee!

12-27-14_10-02 PM 12-27-14_10-02 PM-2

I do like my interior decor (especially considering the lack of options), and I think I did a pretty good job at making it unique and kind of girly geek. Or something.

“Yeah, I’m lovin’ the color scheme.”

Glad I meet your approval.

12-27-14_9-57 PM 12-27-14_9-58 PM

In true geek fashion, Zaneeta spent all afternoon playing Tetris (or rather…bit-blok?) on the computer.

“I’ve gotta beat my high score. And then I’ve gotta beat THAT high score.”

She’s got them mad gamer skillz.

“Don’t say that.”

In true legacy fashion, and since the lifespans in this game are much shorter than I’m used to, I knew Zaneeta would need to find a suitable spouse immediately. So, I sent her out into Willow Creek to find herself a man.

12-27-14_10-08 PM

The elderly lady population is strong here in Willow Creek. There’s the three in this photo plus the two others she met on the way over. The pickings are slim.

Zaneeta tries talking to them about technology, but they ignore her. So she takes their hotdogs.

“Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.”

12-27-14_10-12 PM

Oh look Zaneeta! He looks nice and respectable, you should go talk to him.

“Nahhhhhhhh, it’s okay. I’d rather go home and play some video games. Or hack. Or both. Both is good.”

Well you should at least go introduce yourself.

12-27-14_10-14 PM

“Hey there fellow human. My name is Zaneeta. I was told by a voice in my head to come and talk to you.”

This guy’s name is Clarence Curry, and he seems like a good candidate so they chat for a bit, but Zaneeta manages to stick a foot in her mouth and turn the conversation into an awkward encounter. Completely embarrassed, she runs home and eats her feelings in fruit loops.

12-27-14_10-18 PM

“I hate you.”

Well this is a legacy and you have babies to make.

“I don’t want babies.”

Sorry, I don’t make the rules. So get back on the horse and get out there!

“I’d like a job.”

So we signed Zaneeta up for a job in the tech guru career. Seemed like a perfect fit!

12-27-14_10-21 PM 12-27-14_10-21 PM-2

The next day Zaneeta took a trip to the local library to play on a (nicer) computer. And also to meet a mate with similar interests. Unfortunately, no one at the library was suitable.

“Who cares?”

12-27-14_10-45 PM

Zaneeta also does not have a knack for cooking, so she orders pizza quite often. I was hoping they would send a cute pizza delivery boy, but no luck.

“I can do better than a pizza delivery boy!”

Yes you can.

12-27-14_10-49 PM

Zaneeta’s first hacking job landed her about 100 simoleans. Pretty good for your first try.

“I’m still broke.”

Yes you are. 😦

Her social was also getting low, so I decided to call over a friend. But since Zaneeta did not meet any new people, there was really only one person to ask over. I mean, besides the old ladies.

“Wait, you don’t mean…”

12-27-14_10-58 PM

“Hey Zaneeta, long time no see.”

Yeah, so I invited Clarence Curry over.

12-27-14_10-59 PM

“Um, hey again. How’ve you been?”

Ask if he’s single.

“By the way, are you seeing anyone right now?”

“Free as a bird, unless you wanted to change that. Wink.”

12-27-14_11-00 PM

And it was a match made in Heaven once Zaneeta stopped being so awkward. She was definitely attracted to him, but had no idea what to do or say.

A little guidance and well…

12-27-14_10-59 PM-2

She had her first kiss! Aww, so romantic! ❤

12-27-14_11-01 PM

” *yawn* Oh, what how did my arm end up over there?”

Clarence clearly sees where that was headed. He knows your game. You’re not as smooth as you think.

12-27-14_11-04 PM-2

And after a little more wooing, it was time.

I know you feel ridiculous Zaneeta, but it is for the good of the legacy.

“Clarence, I know it’s a little early…we’ve only known each other for about two days, but will you do me the honor of marrying me? Wow that sounded so fake and cheesy I’m sorry I-”

12-27-14_11-04 PM

“Well of course I’ll marry you Zee! That’s why I came here in the first place!”

12-27-14_11-04 PM-3

Clarence happily placed the ring on his finger and whistled. “That is some rock.”

12-27-14_11-05 PM 12-27-14_11-06 PM 12-27-14_11-06 PM-2 12-27-14_11-06 PM-3 12-27-14_11-07 PM

Then they had a wonderfully private ceremony in Zaneeta’s living room because they had neither the time nor the funds for a proper wedding. But that was okay. Their ceremony was simple and perfect.

See, Zaneeta. I told you it would all work out! Have a little faith in me.

“Yeah, yeah. Now get out!”

12-27-14_11-10 PM 12-27-14_11-10 PM-2

And that concludes the introduction to my Sims 4 legacy. This opening chapter was a bit short, hopefully they will be longer in the future but we’ll see. Hope you all enjoyed this!